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Razorcake 107: Despise You, Club Scum, La Tuya, West Oakland Punks With Lunch, Patrick Cowley

Razorcake 107

“You’re not getting money out of it. You’re not getting nothing out of it. But you’re getting something out of it and that is you’re a part of something special that’s happening” –Chris Elder, Despise You interview

Razorcake 106, Punks and Mental Health

Razorcake 106

“It hit me about a year ago: I want to help others with their mental health issues. I’ve gotten the basics down on how to live with mental illness, but I know not everyone does.” –Kurt Morris

Razorcake 105: Kathleen Hanna, Chris Dodge, MariNoami, Steve Albini

Razorcake 105

“My dad had a Xerox machine at his work when he got a promotion. I was like, “I gotta get my butt on that thing.” I was so psyched.” –Kathleen Hanna

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Razorcake 104, featuring Caves, Kitten Forever, The Elected Officials, and One Punk’s Movie Guide

Razorcake 104

“All lofty political ideas aside, I feel like the most affirming thing you could hear is to have other teenage girls say, ‘I saw your band so now I’m in a band.’” –Corrie, Kitten Forever

The Other Night at Quinn’s Playlist, Assembled by Mike Faloon

The Other Night at Quinn’s Playlist, Assembled by Mike Faloon

Yes, Razorcake/Gorsky Press prides itself in being a DIY punk organization, so what the fuck are we doing publishing The Other Night at Quinn’s, a book about free jazz? Two simple words: Mike Faloon. (Available at: razorcake.org/gorsky-press/)

The Other Night at Quinn’s by Mike Faloon now available

The Other Night at Quinn’s

Mike Watt of the Minutemen exclaims, “Whoa, these spiel batches pack much punch and got their grip way into brain-frame! Faloon had me captured and I had to keep reading.” Wayne Kramer of the MC5 adds that it’s “…a deeply personal dive into the psyche of a hardcore music fanatic…utterly indispensable. A truly great read.”

Watch the video for Mike Faloon’s book The Other Night at Quinn’s