Pop slop with fuzzed-out bass and minimal drums. Good in spurts, but also uses the amber alert noise to start the tape—like that’s funny or something? I have to knock you points for that. Please do not start your inevitable full length album with police sirens. When it’s not doing something so frustratingly annoying as that, you get some fine pop music. Reminds me a bit of other minimalist pop acts like Girlpool. I am definitely down to hear whatever this band puts out next. –Gwen Static (4302 / Aklasan, aklasanrecords.bigcartel.com)

ADRENALIN O.D.: Let’s Barbeque Millennium Edition: LP

New Jersey’s 1980s phenomenon Adrenalin O.D. mixed sophomoric, puerile humor and fast hardcore to scientific perfection. Like with their Millennium Editions for other classic bands like MDC, Beer City provides the 1983 A.O.D. EP Let’s Barbeque with a gorgeous reissue. Side A contains the songs from the original 7”, as well as a track from that same session that was previously unreleased. Side B contains five tracks from the A.O.D. demo tape that came out in 1982, which were never rerecorded for subsequent releases. The 45 RPM 12” format provides optimum sound quality. It’s limited to a thousand copies and was originally released on Record Store Day 2019. This is the punk vinyl equivalent of a Criterion Collection DVD. Beer City deserves major kudos for taking classic punk and hardcore so seriously. –Art Ettinger (Beer City)

ADULT MAGIC: Self-titled: LP

Perfectly fine mid-paced pop punk that works. Adult Magic are sad but trying (aren’t we all), over-enunciated but not offensive. I want to say they’re indistinguishable from other bands that sound like them, but I could be wrong. –Matt Werts (Dead Broke, deadbrokerecords.com / Specialist Subject, specialistsubjectrecords.co.uk)


Anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-racist, and one hundred percent communist punk from Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The cover shows the band sitting in front of a table spread out with several classic punk records including Black Flag, Bad Religion, Operation Ivy, and Sick Of It All but their sound is more of the vein of street punk and at their toughest reminiscent of early Fucked Up. The lyrics are all in Spanish and are what you would expect from an anti-authoritarian band with subjects such as killing fascists, living in an exhausting working class society, and the importance of reading (“read to study, read to learn, read to liberate!”) As part of the proletariat, I identify with much of what they’re pissed about, particularly the lyrics in “No Pasaran”: “I’m sick of waking up at 4AM day after day, not to go running, not to eat, not even to watch TV… moonlighting not for fun but for necessity…” That’s me! Good stuff! –Juan Espinosa (Rebel Time)


I noticed that our own Art Ettinger reviewed this disc in these very pages over a year ago. To be honest, I couldn’t really get past the brutally tinny sound in the recording so I would default to his knowledge on this one. –Ty Stranglehold (Self-released, aggravated.assault.nyc@gmail.com)


Hardcore punk from the Atlanta, Ga. area with plenty of metal overtones, not unlike late-’80s G.B.H or Exploited, including a very clicky double kick drum. Pissed-off, heavy, and very well played. A couple lyrics give me pause though: “All this hate / Built inside I can’t deny / All this hate / Built inside I don’t know why / Like a time bomb / Ready to explode… When will you see it? / The proof is why you stare / Killing everyone / Blaming the weapons / That we have / Crisis actors, media bias / That never tell the truth / They are all fucking liars / Playing you for a fool.” A hateful person, with guns, blaming the media, and ready to explode. Where have we heard that story before? –Chad Williams (D-Fens, theaggravated.bandcamp.com)

ALL THE V WORDS: Self-titled: LP

Boy, they weren’t kidding. When they said all the “v” words, they meant it. All ten songs on All The V Words’ self-titled album begin with the twenty-second letter of the alphabet. That seemed a bit gimmicky to me, but I tried not to throw the baby out with the bathwater and gave the album an honest listen. Sadly, the band’s music doesn’t do them any favors, either. All the V Words sounds dated and butt rock-y, with no tangible hooks in sight. To her immense credit, lead singer Violet Vox’s vocals are solid. But the songs themselves are tired and tragically underwhelming. I’ll end this review with some other “v” words that describe the LP: valueless, vapid, void. –Simone Carter (V, allthevwords@mail.com, allthevwords.bandcamp.com)

ALPHA HOPPER: Self-titled: LP

This is a cool mix of no-wave and mathy noise rock that takes plenty of cues from Jesus Lizard while, amazingly, manages to sound absolutely nothing like Jesus Lizard. It’s all in the riffs, as they say. It took me a few songs to really “get” the unconventional vocal delivery style, but the payoff is huge as I’m now convinced that the vocals are what really set this apart from everything else. Good stuff. –Mark Twistworthy (Swimming Faith, swimmingfaithrecords.com, swimmingfaithrecords@gmail.com)

ANTI-CORPOS: Contra Ataque: 7” EP

Feminist lesbian hardcore, per their Bandcamp page. The music is tight with a lot of stop-on-a-dime tempo changes and lyrics addressing issues surrounding feminism, discrimination based on gender and sexuality, and coping in a patriarchal society. Loud and fueled by righteous anger. –Jimmy Alvarado (Emancy Punx, emancypunx.com)


I saw this Glasgow/Sheffield-based trio support Night Birds and Natterers recently in London and it created one hell of a din, which lead me to acquiring a copy of this cassette. This is ugly and wild hardcore which rages and screams with no let up across the eight tracks. The recording adds to the cacophony. It allows the band to really let loose without coming off the rails whilst delivering its onslaught. Good stuff. –Rich Cocksedge (Self-released, asbestosbeach.bandcamp.com)